Sustainability – How will ReadyMix360 help your business be greener?

maio 30, 2024

Currently, the biggest challenge to a company being sustainable is to convince them that sustainability is a more successful way of doing business.When a company increases its efficiency in transportation by reducing pollution emissions, its image improves to consumers thus providing an incentive to use a product such as ReadyMix360.

Urbanization, economic development and the demand for new buildings and infrastructure are only going to increase demand for concrete. Along with other sectors of the global economy, the cement industry will need to drastically reduce its emissions in order to stabilize global warming in C02, as defined in the Paris Acord Agreement. However, progress made so far has been rather limited.

Cement is used in construction to join other materials and more than 10 billion tons of concrete are used each year. About half of cement emissions are due to the chemical reaction between the components and heat. This is the main reason why emissions from cement manufacturing are considered difficult to reduce.

Another 40% of emissions come from burning fossil fuels to heat to the high temperatures needed for the calcination process. The last 10% of emissions come from the fuels needed to mine and transport raw materials.

As the cement manufacturing process is still a major carbon contributor one of the ways that companies can find to work NOW on their reduction is in increasing efficiency and reducing overall transportation.


Sustainable transportation depends on improving efficiency within supply chains. READYMIX360 reduces the consumption of diesel reducing idle time, increasing the efficiency in transportation:

Efficiency in transportation can be measured in how long the truck idles in the site with the engine on (in general, the acceptable limit is within 25 to 40 minutes and in exceptional cases a maximum of 2 hours). Unnecessary idling wastes fuel, causes air pollution and increased engine wear. An idling diesel engine produces much higher emissions, emitting extra CO2 into the air.

ReadyMix360 is more efficient in its transportation plan due to its advanced technology that allows drivers to plan the entire transportation and delivery of concrete to the site. This reduces the overall idling time and therefore the rate of C02 emission.

READYMIX360 reduces the time trucks spend on the road by finding the best route for the driver. Highway corridors see high amounts of truck congestion, and routes can be extremely inefficient. This traffic is especially concerning when considering how much waste trucks transport daily.

As climate change and its impacts become more of a concern for consumers, they will turn to businesses that prioritize the environment as well as economic growth. ReadyMix360 is a software poised to do just that. We are the concrete business of the future.